Founders of EcoEd are recognized by Web Alumni of KAUST University (KSA)

Founders of EcoEd are recognized by Web Alumni of KAUST University (KSA)

Rapport+ is the website were all alumni of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, KAUST, can find information about their peers and their contributions in the fields chosen by them.

This time, Pia Wiche and Danilo Granato, both Master of Science of Class 2012, were acknowledged in Rapport+’s newsletter for their entrepreneurial spirit by founding EcoEd, with Pia being the only woman mentioned in this edition of the newsletter.

Rapport+ describes perfectly the problem that Pia recognized in the market:

“…huge amounts of money are being spent by some companies but these have a minimun impact on the triple baseline (an extended baseline that includes impacts on the society and environment).”

The site highlights that this might be a winning idea because now a lot of organizations develop or adopt social responsibility practices and politics.

At the bottom of the newsletter, Pia Wiche delivers a message to those who wish to be entrepreneurs:

“Be prepared to be in situations you have never experienced before. In entrepreneurship you are always a novice: enjoy it! The more novice you are, the more you grow and have a greater impact in the world.”

For more information, you can see Newsletter and visit Rapport‘s website.

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