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Sustainable Marketing Principles

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Sustainability is an increasingly relevant topic in the minds of consumers. Reason why companies are seeking different ways to be more sustainable and differentiate themselves in the market.

However, sustainable marketing often commits two mistakes: either communicate too little, which prevents it from generating traction in the market; or too much, which can lead to criticism of greenwashing and loss of reputation.

This course of Sustainable Marketing Principles teaches you to reach this balance and create an effective communication of sustainability that stands out and attracts the growing attention of people interested in making the world a better place.


In this course, you'll learn how:

  • Support sustainable companies: There are more and more businesses with a sustainable purpose, and they need help in communicating their mission - you can help them reach more people!
  • Comply with the new regulations: The regulations and enforcement regarding sustainable marketing are growing. Learn how to avoid problem for you and your clients.
  • Gain skills that are in high demand: Acquire the essential skills to guarantee a working future within the growing market of sustainable marketing.

Who is this course for?

Designers, advertisers, public relations, community managers and all who wish to communicate the sustainable traits of companies, products and services.

What this course is NOT about?

This course is NOT about how to reduce the environmental impacts related to marketing and publicity activities. If you wish to see a course about these topics, please contact us through the following link!

Course objectives

The course Sustainable Marketing Principles general objective is to create skills in its students, so they can generate sustainable publicity for businesses, products and services captivatingly and avoiding reputational risks.

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Discover how to apply the 5 principles of sustainable marketing;
  • Be able to identify greenwashing in sustainable marketing;
  • Be able to create appealing sustainable marketing avoiding greenwashing.

Characteristics of the course

The course will be synchronous with active interaction of the students. We encourage the participants to make questions and share ideas. Also, some sessions will entail a practical exercise to implement the knowledge learned.

Once the course is completed, a certificate of participation will be given to the participants.

The contents will be the following:


¿Qué es la sostenibilidad?

¿Qué es el greenwashing?

Principios fundamentales de publicidad sostenible.

Aplicación de los principios de publicidad sostenible.

Recording of the session and additional material

The session will be recorded and will be available for 3 months. Additionally, you will get a marketing guideline with a summary of the contents of the session.



Pia Wiche

International expert in sustainability and carbon footprint. A consultant for UN Environment and teacher at PUCV and ESCP Berlin. Leader of the team that created a method to communicate environmental impacts to general audiences, praised at international conferences. Author of several book chapters on sustainability in organizations.


Krystel Contreras

Designer with 15 years of experience, expert in sustainable communication. Has designed sustainability campaigns for companies in the foodstuff, electronics, textile and services industries. Additionally, she created graphic materials of the publicity and content for the national workshops on Carbon Neutrality of COP25, as well as audiovisual materials to communicate sustainability concepts for various national and international courses.

Opinions of previous versions

"The exercise was dynamic and helped understand well the concepts and possible risks of Greenwashing."

Liliana Orellana

Head of Internal Communications at Echeverría Izquierdo
"Practical, entertaining and very dynamic."

Carolina Reyes

Sustainability Manager of Echeverría Izquierdo

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$75.000 CPL which includes:

  • 2 hours of a synchronous practical class;
  • Promptly answers to any questions during the course;
  • Short exercises to learn and practice the contents (during the course);
  • Access to the recording and sustainable marketing guideline;
  • A certificate to demonstrate your participation.

Payment methods:


  • Web payment with debit or credit card (with installments as per each Bank conditions).