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What is EDUardo?

EDUardo is a platform that gives you the control over a virtual business and simulate a vast amount of scenarios so you, the user, can solve issues with real-time feedback.

EDUardo incorporates knowledge based on videos, articles and questionnaires. The users will be able to have a more traditional way to transfer knowledge combined with the simulation to offer the students a more profound understanding of topics.

Sustainable Management

In this interactive simulation, you'll learn how to incorporate sustainable practices in a business, making decisions that boost your earnings and market share at the same time you reduce your environmental impacts.

The main topics are:

  • Which are the environmental impacts of my operations, and what can I do to reduce them?
  • How to connect sustainability with business benefits?
  • How to include sustainable practices in the marketing campaigns?

Your Virtual Business

Make business decisions for your virtual company: ZeeShirt, a T-shirt company who targets a younger and high-end market.

Your mission is to guide ZeeShirt within a market that is increasingly demanding more sustainable products.

Some of the decisions you will have to make are:

  • Should I acquire more renewable energy, buy more organic cotton, or install a water treatment plant?
  • How to manage expectations for a "sustainable business" without incurring to greenwashing?
  • How much should I change the prices to obtain market share while still making profit?

...and many more decisions that will transform your business by boosting your income at the same time reducing the environmental impacts.

Improve your business skills

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Entrepreneurship skills

The users take risks, think about the future and adapt to the situations and opportunities.

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Business Development

The users make development and selling efforts to augment the company's value at the end of the simulation.

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Financial skills

Enhance your analytics and accountability skills at the same time you boost your skills for financial planning.

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Change Management

The users must check their strategies in line with the internal and external events that affect the business.

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Leadership skills

The users will develop their interpersonal skills to manage people and make effective business actions.

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Strategic thinking

The users will observe the complexity of the corporate world and make strategic decisions in each round of the simulation.

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