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What is a Sustainability Report?

A sustainability report is a document that shows the economic, environmental and social performance of a company. With this document, companies can identify their contribution, negative or positive, to sustainable development.


Making and publishing a sustainability report is voluntary, however, it grants various benefits to businesses.

  • Builds trust: sustainability reports bolsters transparency, which boost clients and stakeholders' trust.
  • Reinforces a company's management and performance: producing these reports allows companies to enhance their process, reduce costs and boost efficiency.
  • Strengthens link with stakeholders: these reports help meet the expectations of shareholders.
  • Improves the company's image: by publishing the results, the company shows their social and environmental commitment, which has a positive impact.
  • Strengthens competitiveness: by publishing the environmental, economic and social performance, it promotes clients' loyalty. This boosts competitiveness.

Types of Sustainability Reports

Sustainability reports standardized by GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)

These deliver a balanced representation of the positive and negative contribution of a company to sustainable development.

Reports standardized by GRI are divided in two sets:

1.- Universal Standards

Comprised of:

  • GRI 101: Fundamentals
  • GRI 102: General Information
  • GRI 103: Management approach

These are the principles for the making of reports, the requirements, among other aspects.

2.- Topic Standards

Subdivided in:

  • Economic area
  • Environmental area
  • Social area

These are used to guide businesses on how to communicate their impacts for each particular subject.

If you wish to publish your impacts following the GRI standards, you must meet the specified criteria and recommendations. You should also consider that these standards require a certain level of transparency, so it's important to contemplate if you're willing to publish the impacts in the above-mentioned areas.

Documentos estadisticas

Sustainability reports that do not follow a standard

Sometimes meeting the established requirements by a standard might mean disclosing more than a company is willing to. If this is the case, we suggest not following a standard, instead publish what is of interest to your clients or stakeholders. What information is useful? Which indicators to include? Which results are more interesting? These are the questions you should ask yourself when choosing the contents of the report.

You will work hand in hand with a team with a vast international experience in Sustainability Reports

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We're business focused: we'll guide for the entirety of the process, from the management to the marketing, so you can apply the results and make your business more sustainable.

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We work closely: with frequent meetings, direct communication and backing until you reach the satisfaction and peace of mind of understanding completely your results. If after finishing the project you forgot something or have any doubt, you have 6 months to ask us any questions about the study.

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