We Measure your Water Footprint

and provide guidance in the decision taking process that brings benefits to your company.

Would you like to know how much water you are using?

Would you like to know if you're negatively impacting the water resources?

Do you want to identify effective actions to reduce your impact to freshwater?

What is the Water Footprint?

An Water Footprint is an indicator which allows knowing the impacts that an activity, product or business has on water resources.


Some benefits of measuring the water footprint are:

  • Bolster water management: allows identifying the processes that waste water.
  • Save costs: by knowing which processes waste water, you can apply water efficiency measures.
  • Moderate water emissions: be able to determine actions that can decrease impacts, which will help you avoid fines for breaching water quality standards.

Types of Water Footprints

Blue Water Footprint

To measure the blue water footprint, the water consumption from surface, such as lakes and rivers, or underwater sources used for a product or service is calculated. For this footprint, the water taken from a source and returned to it or to another source should be considered.

Green Water Footprint

To calculate this water footprint, the quantity of water from precipitations that is used in the manufacturing process is estimated.

Grey Water Footprint

To calculate the grey water footprint, the amount of freshwater needed to assimilate pollutants emitted by your company is measured. This footprint considers point-source pollution that is discharged directly through a pipe or indirectly through run-off.

You will work hand in hand with a team with a vast international experience in Water Footprint measurement

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We're business focused: the water footprint is not just an environmental indicator. It's a strategic tool to make your business more sustainable. We'll guide for the entirety of the process, so you can apply the results to gain a more sustainable business.

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We ease the communication of your results: depending on the characteristics of your project, we can create reports with professional designs, infographics and other materials to publish your innovation in your webpage, printed material and social media.

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We work closely: with frequent meetings, direct communication and backing until you reach the satisfaction and peace of mind of understanding completely your results. If after finishing the project you forgot something or have any doubt, you have 6 months to ask us any questions about the study.

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