We Measure your Carbon Footprint

and provide guidance in the decision taking process that brings benefits to your company.

Would you like to know how many greenhouse gases is your company emitting currently?

Do you need to know how your impact compares to that of your competition?

Do you want to identify effective actions to reduce your business' emissions?

What is the Carbon Footprint?

An Carbon Footprint‎ is a estimated impact indicator, or number, of climate change originated from an activity, business, person or territory.


Some benefits of measuring the carbon footprint are:

  • Strategic decision taking: it allows pinpointing what business lines to continue, close or open.
  • Gain a competitive advantage: tons of companies ask their suppliers to measure their carbon footprint, and even more often customers prefer products with a proven lower impact.
  • Reduce costs: by knowing which stage of your product or service pollutes more, you can apply efficiency measures to save energy or raw materials. You will also avoid fines or taxes related to the emissions of the productive process.
  • Improve the company's reputation: applying carbon footprint reductions with consistent yearly measurements sets the company apart from the competition, improving the market's trust in the company's actions and marketing declarations.

Types of Carbon Footprints

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Carbon Accounting

If you want to measure the carbon emission of your organization, you have to consider all the greenhouse gases (GHG) of the organization and all the activities needed to run.

For example:

  • Production
  • Energy consumption
  • Transport
  • Business trips
  • Others

For carbon accounting, all the GHG emissions from the production of the company's products, services, consumables and activities for one year are considered.


Carbon Footprint of a product or service

To calculate the carbon footprint of a product or service, all the emissions associated to the production of that specific product or service must be considered.

For example:

  • The electricity used for the production of that product
  • Transport
  • The package's footprint
  • The consumables' footprint
  • The usage's footprint
  • Residues' footprint

The complete life cycle of the product or service is considered: from the production of raw material, the usage until its discarded.

Territorial-based carbon footprint

One can also estimate the carbon footprint of a territory, such as a city, a region or even a country. To measure it, all the emissions of the activities conducted within the territory must be considered.

For example:

  • Transport
  • Waste management
  • Energy generation within the territory
  • Others

For this carbon footprint, both the emissions of the territory and from the products or services imported are considered; for the whole life cycle, from the production of the raw materials, the usage, until the disposal.

You will work hand in hand with a team with a vast international experience in Carbon Footprint measurement

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We create the norms: we're authorized verifiers of the HuellaChile program and collaborated in the writing of the Chilean Carbon Neutrality norm. We're also part of the work group for carbon neutrality in construction and have conducted impact studies for the mining, construction, electronics and agriculture industries.

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We're business focused: the carbon footprint is not just an environmental indicator. It's a strategic tool to male your business more sustainable. We'll guide for the entirety of the process, so you can apply the results to gain a more sustainable business

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We ease the communication of your results: depending on the characteristics of your project, we can create reports with professional designs, infographics and other materials to publish your innovation in your webpage, printed material and social media.

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We work closely: with frequent meetings, direct communication and backing until you reach the satisfaction and peace of mind of understanding completely your results. If after finishing the project you forgot something or have any doubt, you have 6 months to ask us any questions about the study.

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