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Sustainable Business Management

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This workshop will provide professionals and executives the skills and knowledge needed to meet the sustainability requirements that a business needs nowadays. At the end of the course, you'll gain the ability to adopt the necessary strategies to operate, sell and develop, and continuously boost the competitive advantages of your business, without straying away of the Core Business generating an expected return by constructing a Sustainable Plan with verifiable results to bring benefits to the environment.

Learning Goals

The course will impart the necessary knowledge to:

  • Adopt and implement sustainable criteria in the business' day-to-day decisions and the definition of the core development strategy.
  • Prioritize analytically the needed processes for a successful transition from a traditional to a sustainable business.
  • Clearly identify the advantages of sustainable business to generate a great impact in the market and context.

Course Methodology

The learning model is based on the presentation and development of projects, so students are the protagonists of their own learning, always supported by the teachers. It possesses an evaluation system through questionnaires to reinforce content and give feedback, ensuring meaningful learning to then face and develop practical and real situations without problems.

Course Objectives

Module 1 | Why Focus on Sustainability

  • Objective: Comprehend the importance of sustainability in the different areas of a business and the role students can take to achieve sustainable development.

Module 2 | How to be sustainable if I have emissions?

  • Objective: Learn to identify the main environmental aspects and impacts of businesses.

Module 3 | Which are my environmental impacts?

  • Objective: Identify the main environmental aspects and impacts associated to the company, and strategically define environmental metrics for the evaluation of environmental impacts.

Module 4 | How to manage my environmental impacts?

  • Objective: Learn to identify the different uses of sustainable indicators according to the industry and strategically choose an environmental metric that adjusts to your objectives for the impact assessment.

The modules are designed to build knowledge gradually so that students can obtain specific, appliable and replicable results for businesses or clients.


Module 1 | Why Focus on Sustainability

  • What is Sustainability?
  • PESTLE factors (People, Economy, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental) that affect businesses in Chile and LATAM.
  • Context and implementations of sustainability.
  • Risk analysis of the business.

Module 2 | How to be sustainable if I have emissions?

  • Recovery of Ecosystems.
  • Introduction to the environmental policy context.
  • Map of the business' emissions and its environmental aspects.
  • Alternatives to reduce emissions.

Module 3 | Which are my environmental impacts?

  • Identify the environmental aspects and impacts of organizations.
  • Link the operational emissions with their impacts.
  • Chart the environmental impact and ways to reduce.

Module 4 | How to manage my environmental impacts?

  • Fundamentals of Sustainability indicators.
  • Pollutant transfer.
  • Management metrics of environmental impacts.

Each video is evaluated to reinforce the contents and reassure the fundamental concepts' mastery.



International Expert in Sustainability, trained as Biochemical Engineer in the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso, M.Sc. Chemical and Biological Engineering (Kaust, Saudi Arabia) and certified in Entrepreneurship by the Cornell University, U.S.A. Ex-consultant for UN Environment, c-author the Global Guide for Life Cycle Assessment and editor for the scientifics journals: Journal of Life Cycle Assessment and Cleaner Production. Experta técnica en Comité Estrategia Nacional de Huella de Carbono del Sector Construcción​.


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Online course, asynchronous
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