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Your business is sustainable but you don't know how to prove it to your customers?

You invest a lot in sustainability but do not see effective results?

You want to make your business more sustainable but are not sure about what to do first?

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

This is a method used to measure the environmental impacts of:

A product

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A service

Edificios oficina

A company

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A territory


  • It'll help you determine the materials needed to have a more sustainable business.
  • It'll allow you to identify where are the environmental challenges of your products or services.
  • It supports the creation of a more sustainable business model.
  • It gives confidence about the environmental benefits for your company.
  • It allows you to compare yourself to the competition.
  • It allows you to communicate environmental impacts objectively, so as your clients can fully trust you.

What is the Life Cycle?

Análisis de ciclo de vida

The life cycle is the set of activities that are interconnected to achieve the production of a product or service, or the operation of your business.

For example, the life cycle of a chair considers the environmental impacts of the forest, cutting the wood, the production process of the chair, its packaging, transport, use, repairment and finally its disposal. The latter could be to a landfill or its incineration, for example.

You will work hand in hand with a team with a vast international experience in LCA

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We create the norms: we are part of the ISO committee dedicated to Life Cycle Analysis, and we lead a mirror committee of international experts. Together, we have been part of the ISO 14040, ISO 14044 and ISO 14072 norms, related to LCA.

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We create the methodologies: If you have a unique and innovative process, we can create a specific methodology for your situation. We've already done it for biofuels, electronics, and we're pioneers in the assessment of environmental impacts of events, creating the base methodology in 2012. This way, we ensure that the study fits your particular situation and is in line with the most advanced international standards.

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We're business focused: an LCA is not just an environmental indicator. It's a strategic tool to make your business more sustainable. We'll guide for the entirety of the process, so you can apply the results to gain a more sustainable business.

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We ease the communication of your results: depending on the characteristics of your project, we can create reports with professional designs, infographics and other materials to publish your innovation in your webpage, printed material and social media.

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We work closely: with frequent meetings, direct communication and backing until you reach the satisfaction and peace of mind of understanding completely your results. If after finishing the project you forgot something or have any doubt, you have 6 months to ask us any questions about the study.

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