Radio Vistamar 🇪🇸

In this chapter of Radio Vistamar's Reinventados, we talked about business sustainability, the profile of a company expert on sustainability and the Chilean prospective regarding innovation and sustainability.

Academia de Emprendedores of Radio ADN 🇪🇸

Is there a new employee in your company, and it must go through an induction process? In the 4th chapter of +Efi100T: Productivos y Eficientes we explain what "rushed induction" is and how have less working hours and produce more.

EDUardo Business Simulation 🇬🇧

In this interview conducted by Peter Szlavik, Pia Wiche and Danilo Granato talk about the challenges and best practices for education regarding business sustainability.

CNN Chile – Empresas 2050 🇪🇸

How is Senecorp, acclaimed as the best sustainable estate developer in 2021, leading the industry into low carbon construction standards? This is the question brought upon by our CEO Pia Wiche in chapter 23: CO2 emissions in the construction industry, of Empresas 2050 of CNN Chile.

Design Terminal – Demo Day 🇬🇧

EcoEd was part of the Mentoring Program of Design Terminal in Hungary, where it was selected as one of the most innovative companies thanks to its sustainability measurement tool for companies, SustentUp. The Demo Day was an event where we presented SustentUp to the international public.

ProChile – Innovación Sin Fronteras: EcoEd 🇪🇸

EcoEd was highlighted for its innovation in terms of sustainability by ProChile.


Agexport – La sostenibilidad empresarial como generadora de nuevos negocios 🇪🇸

In this Episode of AGEXPORT Podcast we talked about how sustainability creates an impact on business and how a company can get their sustainable profile in just 10 minutes through SustentUp.

Entrevista en Radio BioBio 🇪🇸

In this podcast, Pia Wiche explains some terms and misconceptions about sustainability, what we do at EcoEd regarding sustainability training for decision-makers, and discuss specifically the case of plastic bags versus paper ones.