Life Cycle Analysis of a Refurbished Smartphone

Life Cycle Analysis of a Refurbished Smartphone

We invite you to check the Report for the Life Cycle Analysis of a RePhone iPhone 8 64 GB model

iphone 8 sobre fondo turquesa

A RePhone is a high-end refurbished smartphone. This report presents the environmental impacts of the entire life cycle of a RePhone iPhone 8 64 GB model.

The impact was identified through a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for a RePhone iP8 64 GB. The analysis was conducted following the ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards, which include the production of spare parts, the import tax of the unused smartphones entering Chile, the energy consumption for the device's usage for the span of three years and the end of life impacts, among others.

The data used for the analysis were supplied by the company, additionally to the environmental declaration of suppliers and internationally validated databases.

The smartphone is distributed through two different channels: business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C). Both channels differ from each other for their package and delivery.

  • For B2B, a cardboard box is used and is delivered through distribution centers nearby to RePhone's facilities.
  • For B2C, the package used is a cotton case and it is sent through delivery services to all over the country.

In this report, the findings of an average RePhone iP8 64GB are shown, in other words, the results are the average of both channels depending on the sales volume between January and September 2020.

To ascertain the findings, the impact model ReCiPe 22016 was utilized, which presents 18 categories of environmental impact, each one is displayed in the chapter Impact Assessment in page 36. The impact results are coupled with eco-equivalents as support for the interpretation.


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